In the year 1994 the Cultural- Artistic Association “Baščaršija” has set off as a continuant of the Cultural Artistic Association “Miljenko Cvitković”, that had been established in 1947.  In April 2007. the letter association marked 60 years of its existence and its successful cherishing of Bosnian cultural and folk heritage.  Ever since 1964, the activities of the association have been going on within the premises of the Cultural Activities’ Centre in Jelića Street.  This street is situated near Baščaršija, the core of Sarajevo’s cultural heritage.  The association got named after “Baščaršija” because of its location and its being the only association of this type within the Old Town Municipality.


          The scope of the association’s activities has been wide and of high artistic achievement.  The association is one of the most developed associations of this type in Sarajevo, as well as in Bosnia and Herzegovina .


          For more then half a century, the association has successfully represented Sarajevo all over ex-Yugoslavia, as well as in a number of  European, Asian and African countries.  Since CAA “Baščaršija” reached high artistic value, it brought up within its circles a great number of known professional artists.  In the course of its existence it has included over ten thousand young people as its members.  


          The association received a number of awards such as:  Sixth of April Award of the town of Sarajevo, First of May Award, Fraternity and Unity Medal with the silver wreath and the acknowledgment by the Stari Grad municipality.  It has received many other equally important acknowledgments and letters of gratitude, as well as golden and silver trophies in recognition of participation at a number of foreign folk festivals in Greece, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, etc. 


Since most of the European festivals are not competitive, the ensemble did instead of awards receive very high acknowledgments.  It was also invited to rejoin some of the previously attended festivals.  Though all of these recognitions bear high importance, the most significant recognition is received by the association’s own members.  A number of long-term friendships as well as unions of the members have been struck up there.  Many of the children and grandchildren of the married dancing couples turned into members of the Association.  All of this confirms the fact that being a member of a successful collective such as this one is a privilege and an honour.  

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