KUD Bascarsija completed the Holiday Atmosphere

Members of the folk ensemble of Cultural Artistic Society (KUD) Bascarsija and the folk orchestra, last night paraded through the center of the capital of BiH and marked the Eid al-Fitr with their authentic performance.

Coordinator of KUD Bascarsija and a member of board Namir Čomaga said that 40 members of the association participated in the performance who complemented the holiday atmosphere in Sarajevo with dancing and traditional sounds.

“The performance was organized on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, and we wanted to send a beautiful image from Sarajevo and promote tourism and cultural heritage. Tourists always have something to see in Sarajevo, and last night was a unique opportunity to enjoy the colorfulness and diversity. We presented the choreography of ‘Muslim Bosnia from old Sarajevo’ to citizens which included the city games in Sarajevo, what is specific for the Municipality of Stari Grad,” said Comaga.

He added that last night’s performance was not performed for the first time, but they tend to mark each holiday in Sarajevo in a similar way.

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