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Cultural and Artistic Society (KUD) Baščaršija performed in the international folk dance festival “O Folclore Do Mar” in the city of Moana in the Kingdom of Spain.

During six festival nights, their folk dance ensemble A, together with the national orchestra and a women vocal group “Dunje”, were truly an authentic representative of the cultural heritage of BiH and all its nations, bringing a part of our country and its rich tradition to the people of Spain.

Performances of KUD Baščaršija were followed by thunderous applause, praises and congratulations from the public which even had joint dances and songs with members of Baščaršija during one festival night.

KUD Baščašija was praised by the organizers and they were invited to come again to festivals in Spain and Portugal as well.

“We must emphasize the hospitality of the host and the people of Spain who truly gave their best so that members of KUD Baščaršija would feel like home,” stated this cultural society.

According to many experts, this is one of the most developed and best cultural societies in BiH and broader. Society has been successfully representing BiH and Sarajevo throughout the former Yugoslavia, European countries, Asia and Africa.

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